Own Global Announce Server

This is really funny.

So people gave BT Sync shit because developers did not publish code and ignored user requests, and lauded Syncthing because it was open source and the devs were supposedly so “open”

But when someone points out a bug, you get insulted and the thread closed. AWESOME.

To respond to Canton7:

“I haven’t tested this, but as another solution, you should be able to set up all of your devices so that they know the public IP of your discovery server (i.e. not its internal IP). Each device on your LAN will set itself up with a different external port through UPnP, then connect to the discovery server using its external address. The discovery server will then create records for all of your devices having the same IP, but different ports. All device-device connections will then use the same external IP, but your router should be smart enough to not send the traffic out onto the WAN. This should continue to work as devices leave your LAN.”

Please re-read my posts. That is exactly one of the solutions that I said SHOULD work, but it does NOT.

So I go back to my previous statement. There is a serious design flaw or BUG in the way the announce server works.

But some morons would rather stick their head in the sand.

Pull requests to rectify this are welcome.

To be clear: it’s NOT a bug. A bug is when the software doesn’t function as intended. The software does function as intended here, but the intended behavior doesn’t fulfill your niche use-case. What we therefore have here is a feature request. What you’re doing is asking the devs to extend the scope of the software to fulfill your use-case. They won’t do that if you call them morons. Remember, they’re not being paid to develop this, and they’re not being paid to put up with abuse.

If you end up getting banned from these forums, it will be because of your language and attitude, not because “the developers refuse to recognise flaws in the software” or some such.


For the record, no, the thread was closed because it wasn’t constructive and actual personal attacks were being thrown around. This one looks to be heading in the same direction, but I’ll let it live for the time being. Please be friendly to each other.

Well, I don’t have a solution, rather workaround that might help in 50% of that 0.0001% use cases. I’m not using global discovery at all, instead I run VPN and that solves all issues with corporate firewall, so I can sync pretty much from anywhere. The only “problem” is that you need a fixed IP from your ISP provider, but this is quite common, or not? :smile: I know my setup is also not for everyone but maybe using VPN might help some people.