Own Global Announce Server?

Is it possible to setup my own Global Announce Server? If it’s possible, instructions would be very nice :wink:


Sure is, see http://docs.syncthing.net/users/discosrv.html.

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Ah. Thanks… looks like a kind of DHT or similar.

But howto to setup/run it?

One Question:

If i used a “Dynamic DNS” service (noip, dyndns.org etc.), than i can deactivate “Global Announce” in settings and use the domain name, isn’t it?

Hi guys

Just you know, custom announce server works. I am using it for my own setup if anyone is looking for trying it.

Could you write a brief description/howto about setting this up? Thanks.

Short version:

  1. Download and build https://github.com/syncthing/discosrv, or download the binary for Linux linked from there.

  2. Run that binary on the machine that is supposed to be your discovery server. Just discosrv without parameters is good enough to start with, otherwise see discosrv -help for the tweakables.

  3. Configure your syncthing instances to use <your-discovery-box-ip>:22026 as global discovery server (settable in the GUI or config.xml).

That’s all.

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Yep, that works just as well.

calmh`s method is what I used. Make sure that you also open 22026 port in your firewall.

is there a point in running your own discovery server? If serveral people setup one, would it be possible for i.e. Jakob to setup a “main” one that uses kinda round-robin to chose from the publicly available ones or is there no point in that?

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Someone else’s discosrv can log high level metadata such as node ID and IP address. If this concerns you, running your own discovery server is a solution.

I like this idea. If there is more than 1 public server, it eliminates single point of failure. Syncthing would need some mechanism to randomly select or load balance the public servers. And, I would prefer a built-in checksum process to verify that a public server is running a legitimate copy of discosrv.

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This could theoretically be handled just by DNS round robin, as long as syncthing does reasonably quick retries when the server seems down. More importantly, the servers need a method to synchronize announces between themselves.

Has someone build an announce server for windows and can share the exe file?


Perfect! Thank you very much!

is there a flag to change the port that the discovery server listens on?

Have you even tried running -help?

You could have said put more friendly like :confused:

Well he has asked if there is a flag, and if seems obvious to me that you would check -help to list the flags available? It’s not that they are deliberately hidden somewhere, and only people on the forum know what they are. I think I am just pointing out the obvious, even though not in the nicest fashion.

What you said was very true, but how you said it was very coarse :sunny: