Out of sync with obsolete files

Hi! I’m a newbie, moving from Resilio, that suddenly deleted about 80 sync folders on the server side. So, I decided to find some luck here.

There were several files in the folder when I created the Folder item in the web interface. I will use folder for the folder in the file system and Folder for the instance inside Syncthing.

Actually, they were obsoletes from Resilio. Then I deleted these files and see that the Folder is Out of Sync and there are the following errors:

Archive parent is not a directory ID parent is not a directory IgnoreList parent is not a directory StreamsList parent is not a directory

There are no such files or directories on any connected devices. All I want is to reset these errors. Everything is fine now and I want to let it be “Up To Date”. So, how can I do this?

It’s a known issue we are working to fix. Workaround is to remove the folder on all devices and readd it, at the same time.

Also the message is purely cosmetical, other files should sync fine and its purely misreported.

Same issue here. macOS 10.12.2, ST v0.14.18 Never noticed this problem before today. Would very much like to see it back to “all green”

This hopefully should be fixed in the latest version.

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