out of sync when using inotify

I have read some topics with same symptoms but I think my situation is a little bit different.

I have a cluster of 3 PC: 2 of them are Windows XP SP3 and one is Windows 7 x32 (no Linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi etc). All of them are using v0.14.45. When I start syncthing-inotify on any of nodes after a while I receive sync error with diagnose:

finisher: file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

Suppose my PC’s are named PC-1, PC-2 and PC-3 (I’m not sure but I think 2 PC’s are enough to reproduce the problem) and they are syncing folder MyFolder. I start syncthing on all of them. After syncthing has finished rescan of folders everything is OK. Then I start syncthing-inotify (v0.8.7) on PC-1 to lower CPU and HDD usage and continue to work in MyFolder\Sub_Folder on PC-1. But during this work I do not rename any folders - I’m just develop software using QtCreator and tortoisehg (GUI for mercurial). After a while I see on PC-1 in section “Remote Devices” that sync progress is stalled. And on PC-2 and PC-3 in section “Folders” I see “out of sync” for MyFolder. When I open console on PC-2 or PC-3 I see messages “file modified but not rescanned; will try again later” for some files in Sub_Folder. If I rename on PC-2 the folder Sub_Folder to Sub_Folder1 (as it’s suggested on other topics with similar problems) I see something strange: on PC-2 is automatically created folder sub_folder (with all letters lowercase) and after syncing process is finished the contents of sub_folder is not equal to contents of Sub_Folder1, the first one contains less files and some of them are older than in Sub_Folder1. And in Sub_Folder1 I see lots of files with names starting with “~syncting~”.

I’m not sure now but I think I did not have such problems when I didn’t use syncthing-inotify.

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