Out of sync - too many links


I inherited a syncthing installation that is out of sync (total of 5,549,305 files, 154,333 directories, ~1.86 TiB). Out of Sync Items: 96,568 items, ~33.4 GiB

In the failed items I see: too many links

I see the following entries in the log: Puller (folder “sar” (8gcwr-heote), item “ko/H.R/26146/TASK_b2fe2e4a-0f69-4f87-9e49-7aa567896/VOLR/DSli259.dkm”): resurrecting parent dir: mkdir /mnt/b/syncthing/sar/ko/H.R/26146: too many links

What do you think could be the solution?


The “Too many links” error comes from the filesystem. It means that the filesystem does not permit the creation of a new directory in the specific location because the directory has the maximum number of subdirectories allowed . It might be possible to change this limitation at the filesystem level.


Thank you, you are right! The remote system has a UFS file system and we have reached the maximum number of subdirectories (we have 32765 subdir). I need to replace the file system…

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