Out of sync probblem

I tried to google out of sync but i didnt understand ! what the meaning of it ? I installed Syncthing on 3 devices, 2 devices show me up to date on green, and this device show me out of sync on red ! ? And the files on device JokanderX2 show me 22044 files and 1134 folders image And on JokanderX3 show me 21930 and 1118 folders

Please show screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from all affected devices. At the moment, only a screenshot of “JokanderX2” seems to be present.

Additionally, please click on the “4,024 items, ~3.03 GiB” link and take a screenshot of what’s being shown there.

I don’t use Syncthing through WEB GUI, im using SyncTrayzor … If i click on “4,024 items, ~3.03 GiB” i get this

What you see inside SyncTrayzor is in fact the Syncthing Web GUI :wink:. Similar screenshots from the other devices will be welcome.

Is the list completely empty like that? Sometimes it may take a while to load the list, e.g. when using slow storage, so please wait a minute or two to make sure that it really doesn’t load at all.

Actually I started with web GUI , then when I installed SyncTrayzor the web GUI don’t start any more ! This screen shoot from Device 3

Which list u talk about ? If you talk about the last screen shoot (Out of Sync Items) it is like that from days ago! even i keep wait for hours … it is not slow storage ssd

No one help ! :frowning:

Hey Jokander, not sure if it’s related but you have Rescans set to 10s which sounds like it must be scanning very often. As you have Watching enabled anyway, wouldn’t it make more sense to change that to 3600s (= 1 hour) instead? Maybe that gives the system more time to do actual syncing? Not sure if that will fix your problem, but I found it noteworthy.

PS: Also 1 screenshot shows Ignore patterns and the other does not. Maybe that confuses the system? (Haven’t used those before)

The ignore patterns shouldn’t really matter unless devices aren’t all connected with one another (see https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing/issues/7474), which doesn’t seem to be the case here. That was one of the reasons why I asked for screenshots from all devices, as I wanted to verify for sure whether all of them are inter-connected.

Yeah, I meant the Out of Sync Items list. If the storage is fast, it shouldn’t normally take more than a few seconds for it to show up, so the culprit is probably something else.

I’d still like to see what the Syncthing Web GUI looks like on all four devices though. Also, your screenshot from the so called Device 3 (aka “JokanderX3”) is a little weird, because it shows another device called the same name under the Remote Devices. Why is that?

I also have messages like “Out of sync” or “Failed items” on various devices, but usually only on one or two folders. In one case, it is a directory that has not physically existed for some time. In another case it is a file from an application that is not running and therefore cannot be locked, etc.

I could not solve these cases until today, although some versions have already gone over it and I also tried with --reset-deltas or --reset-database to solve it, without success.

Apart from that everything is running fine, all relevant data are synced, so I don’t invest any more time. But the “Out of Sync” sometimes is a companion.

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