Out of sync items that no longer exist

I have several systems synchronizing directories with my desktop xubuntu 18.04 machine. All the ‘remote’ systems show 100% synchronization at their end but on my desktop two systems have ‘out of sync’ files.

Most of the ‘out of sync’ files are synchronized having identical time stamps, sizes and contents. Some of the ‘out of sync’ files simply no longer exist on any system. How can I get my desktop to somehow ‘forget’ these files or at least think they’re synchronized?

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They potentially were advertised by someone who is no longer around, hence they cannot be downloaded. There isn’t really a way to forget them other than remove the folder on all devices and readd it, or recreate the files and delete them.

Yet I suspect all devices should self report as out of sync. If its only a few or only show up as remote devices being out of sync, it might be a bug that got fixed in the latest release candidate.

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