Out of Sync Items not displayed

I’ve synchronized about 230GB between a Linux PC and a Synology DiskStation. On the NAS, under the “Linux PC” remote device, Syncthing says “Out of Sync Items: 3 items, ~77.7MiB”.

Clicking on this brings up the “Out of Sync Items - Linux PC” dialog, but there’s nothing listed in it. On the Linux PC, the NAS shows as “Up to Date”.

What are these 3 phantom items that are out of sync, yet invisible?

Did you use a conventional tool, e.g. FreeFileSync, trying to have that difference?

That most likely an “accounting” problem: When you click on the out of sync items, the database is searched for those items. However the status indication (number of files) was computed earlier on the fly. That means in reality nothing is out-of-sync, but the “accounting” is wrong. There are known issues with that in 1.6.1, which are fixed (plus there may of course be more problems, I hope not :slight_smile: ).

To check you can run syncthing once with STRECHECKDBEVERY=1s environment variable set: That should resolve the issue.

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It’s on the Synology side, so I’m not sure how to set the environment variable. Should restarting the service fix it?

restarting does not help

I’ll enable release candidate upgrades. Yolo.

In connection with Synology, I have two basic recommendations, I use on all my Synology´s. Set in every peer (folder) you create

  1. the Permissions Ignore checked in the “Advanced” tab
  2. the following entries for the ignoring patterns

Both save a lot of trouble.

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