Out of sync issues: but cannot show which files have issues

Hello team, a new user of Syncthing.

I am encountering an issue when trying to sync files between Synology and unRAID (for backup purpose). UnRAID is my main device and want to backup few important folders to Synology.

On the unraid side everything is fine (screenshot attached)

However on the Synology side I see one of the folder is “Out of Sync” If I expand the out of sync files for more information, it is blank. When clicked Out of sync files (2 items,~691KiB) Similarly, When I click to expand 5,768 items,~3.91 GiB in Remote device (unRAID) I see this:

Any help in this matter to fix the issue. I have restarted both syncthing on Synology and Unraid, restarted the sync on both ends, but it shows same issue.

Thank you, and happy thanks giving.

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Any suggestions? Shall I delete it from synology and start resynching?

Suggest you search the forum. I feel issues like this have been covered before.

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