"Out of sync" discrepancy

Hi everyone!

I just downloaded and installed syncthing as a replacement for BTSync (which was crashing every 20 minutes on my linux server).

I currently have everything set up in a very simplistic 2-machine setup with a local Windows desktop and a remote Linux server. I have a folder that has been previously synced (~800GB, ~2k files) and have connected it though syncthing on both ends. The contents of the folder should be identical on both sides.

I am now about an hour and a half into the initial scan, with 300 files listed in the global state of the folder. However, the linux side shows nothing out of sync, with the same 300 files listed in the local state as the global state. The Windows side shows 298 of 300 files out of sync. When I click to show the details of those items, it appears to think that pretty much everything is out of sync and needs to be downloaded.

Is this normal behavior for the initial scan? Should I be worried? I don’t want to have to re-download the entire 800GB folder for obvious reasons.


Out of sync might mean metadata being out of sync, such as modification times, etc.

Understood. Sounds like it’s not a reason to be concerned. Is there a reason that only one client sees it as such whereas the other one doesn’t seem to care?

Yeah, because ones version is higher than the others, so someone has to win the conflict. The out of sync modal actually shows progress if files are actually being downloaded.

Ah okay, I just assumed that both sides would see the files as out of sync rather than just one. Thanks for the explanation.

As a follow-up question, the windows machine is the setup above seems to only be scanning at about 10 MB/s, where as the Linux machine finished its scan close to 50 MB/s. Both are running on 7200 RPM drives, so I would imagine drive access speed is comparable. Why is the Windows machines so much slower and is there anything I can do to speed this up?

Scanning performs hashing with a cryptographic hash which is means speed is relative to the cpu speed

Ah, that doesn’t make much sense to me. The Linux server has a low-tier Xeon, where as the desktop has a top of the line i7. The desktop should have finished much faster if it were limited by CPU. The CPU load does not appear to exceed ~5% during the scanning process despite the fact that it’s the only thing running on the computer. Is it possible to allocate more resources to finish this faster?

If the CPU is not the bottleneck, perhaps it’s the disk, and perhaps windows driver is just less efficient.

Hello people !

I have the same red “Out of sync” issue, but this is not an initial setup, as I’ve been using Syncthing for a while. During an upgrade and after many tests, it happens to be noticed only when I upgrade to v0.11.13. For the time being, I’ll be running v0.11.12 which seems to be ok (I’ve kept a backup before doing the update).

I’m running SyncTrayzor on Windows 8.1.

Any ideas ? Cheers and thanks beforehand :wink:

It’s not related to this, but there already exists an issue on github.