Out of Sync..and yet not?

I use several master folders on a NUC with attached USB3 drive enclosure, and sync it to my two devices; a phone and a tablet. Typically: At night everything is synced. I turn off the NUC and sleep. When I wake up and turn the NUC on it immediately tells me several hundred MiB of files are out of sync. Usually the /music sync. But also in other folders that I KNOW I have not altered on any device. Most notably a keepass keys folder.

It would be useful if the out of sync info in the web client actually showed which device was out of sync and how; the filesize, date etc - this would help determining why they are out of sync and make identifying sdcard corruption easier.

I have no ignores. I symlink directories fairly extensively…and a little unusually, use ext4 filesystems and everything is mounted via fstab and shared with samba, so it seems probable that is relevant.

Out of sync can mean metadata changes, such as file mtimes etc, which your sdcard might not preserve properly. You can’t really tell which device updated resume what, as multiple devices might advertise that they had the latest version then making it hard to distinguish where the changes originated from.

So then wouldn’t it make sense to supply information to assist in determining the version to retain?

So you can check why the device is out of sync and on which aspects (apart from metadata stuff) by acessing the webui, hence I am not sure what you are asking for.

You can??!

I have only ever seen a filename, and knowing only the filename is inadequate.

What I am suggesting is something like a standard file replacement notification dialog:

But with a layout appropriate for comparing numerous versions of the same files.


     device - path           - filename  - filesize - datetimestamp
[ ]  server - ~/pictures     - file1.jpg - 100KiB   - 2015-07-29--00-00-00
[ ]  tablet - /sdcard0/DCIM  - file1.jpg - 100KiB   - 2015-07-29--00-00-00
[X]  phone  - /sdcard0/DCIM  - file1.jpg - 200KiB   - 2015-07-29--00-00-01
   [X] = version to assimilate into Master Folder.
   Other versions will be stored as per backup policy.

An extension to the existing “Out of Sync Items” window: where clicking an entry opens the type of options dialog I describe above.

Or maybe something like:

file1.jpg - Exists as 3 instances - select action:
[A][B][D] device - path           - size   - datetimestamp
[ ][B][ ] server - ~/pictures     - 100KiB - 2015-07-29--00-00-00
[ ][ ][D] tablet - /sdcard0/DCIM  - 100KiB - 2015-07-29--00-00-00
[A][ ][ ] phone  - /sdcard0/DCIM  - 200KiB - 2015-07-29--00-00-01
[A] = Assimilate into Master Folder.
   [B] = Backup as per backup policy.
      [D] = Discard file.

Sorry, but the process is not a conditional process, it’s a continious defined process, hence I don’t think check boxes and prompt dialogs will happen.

If you wish to have that, just use nfs and copy files from the fs share locally every morning, then choose what you want and what you don’t.

I guess we could add more details about what has changed (especially if its just metadata or content aswell), but that’s the only feasible thing I see from what you’ve suggested. As I explained, we cannot (without in my opinion cheating and peeking at the vector clocks) specify which device the change originated from, as once two other devices are in sync, the content is the same and they are both rightful originators of the change when looking from the third devices perspective.

Conflicts between files are resolved based on mtime and state, and that’s the only way to make the process automatic and continious. I’d be very sad if the whole process stopped when there is a conflict.

Reading what you are saying i get the feeling you are misinterpreting what I am saying, or more likely: that I am not fully comprehending why you are saying what you are saying. Possibly both. It feels as though we are almost having two separate conversations.

That said, I made this thread to point out that I am getting bogus “Out of Sync” warnings constantly. At the very least this is disconcerting, and does not impart confidence that syncthing is working effectively.


I think I now understand what you are saying, and if I understand correctly it only relates to the functionality of the master mode? In which case the suggestions start making perfect sense. Having checkboxes and prompts in the non-master mode make no sense to me.

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Yes <3