Out of space folder error

I am using syncthing to sync my phone pictures to my laptop. Everything worked just fine but now it stopped synching because of Out of space error. But all drives have enough free space (more than the synched folder) and the phone also has more free space. It says: [JOIKH] 17:57:56 INFO: Skipping folder sm-g900f-photos scan due to folder error: out of disk space

There’s a default threshold of at least 1% free space required to sync. Is your phone more than 99% full?

Phone has 1.3GB free of 16GB total so yes it has free space. I tried setting minHomeDiskFreePct to 0 on both phome and laptop , restarted both clients but I still get [JOIKH] 22:08:48 INFO: Skipping folder sm-g900f-photos scan due to folder error: out of disk space. I also tried initiating rescan on both devices but the folder still does not sync and shows as Stopped on laptop, error: out of disk space.

@kisolre minDiskFreePct is what you need to change

@calmh maybe we should rename minHomeDiskFreePct to minIndexFreePct to avoid confusion

@uok you should have mentioned that this is in folder settings :slight_smile: Changed it on laptop and now it syncs Ok. I think that it should be possible to set it as non integer percents because 1% of 383GB drive is a lot of wasted space.

So apparently people like running their disks full, and the config settings / messages are confusing. We should revisit that.

I’ve been living with ZFS and other enterprise-ish storage long enough that I get a sick feeling from seeing volumes more than 80% full anywhere. :wink:

It’s 1%, no more and no less. That’s probably $2 worth of storage which is otherwise ensuring that things don’t get fragmented all the way to hell and back or just giving your SSD some room to breathe. But it’s your disk and you should do what you want with it, so we should support the usage pattern.

People dont LIKE things :smile: They dont care until it hits them. It is not the price of the storage. As I said it is a laptop and it is not easy for a regular user (who wants everything to work like a TV with a remote) to change a HDD keeping everything how it was. And there is allways this and that that you want to install and try and then you like it and the things pile up and when they get really messy you start to revisit your priorities and read some indepth info why should the things be that way :smile:

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So I’m thinking we should do these things here:

  • Allow configuration of fractional percentages - if you expect to fill your disk to 99.9% without issue, set the threshold to 0.1%
  • Default to a value that depends on the volume size - say 1%, 0.1%, 0.01% etc to get a value that represents between 1 and 10 GB. (But not more than 1%, so the threshold may be 25 MB on a small disk.) (We still check for the actual required space as well when pulling, if this is more than the configured threshold.)
  • Don’t perform this check at all for read only (master) folders.
  • Clearly document how this all works and link to the documentation in the eventual error message when the threshold is hit.

I had the same issue, Im syncing a folder from my PC to an android tablet. And this folder is growing (automaticlly adding new files via torrent) on the PC and its set to “master” and on the android tablet whenever a new file is added, i watch it and delete it, PC folder is around 3xxgb now. And the android stopped syncing because the PC folder is large. But android folder is empty, i only want the new PC files to be synced.

Please include an option to skip free space for whom doesn’t need it.

Sorry for my english.


You can disable the feature from the advanced config menu in the web ui.

Free space checks are skipped if the reserved percentage is set to zero. Except in one case, which will be fixed in the next release on Sunday.

Are we talking filesystem or cells here? If cells: SSDs have hidden capacity they don’t expose for managing that.

"All SSDs reserve some amount of space for these extra write operations, as well as for the controller firmware, failed block replacements, and other unique features that vary by SSD controller manufacturer." from http://www.seagate.com/gb/en/tech-insights/ssd-over-provisioning-benefits-master-ti/

I was talking cells as I mentioned ssd specifically. All ssds have “some” spare, yes. High end ssds have more. Most benefit from not taxing that reserve unnecessarily.


OCZ’s Vector and Samsung’s SSD 840 Pro both deliver much better IO consistency if you simply set aside 25% of the total NAND capacity as spare area. /…/ Whatever drive you end up buying, plan on using only about 75% of its capacity if you want a good balance between performance consistency and capacity.

But same goes for most file systems, and COW file systems like ZFS especially (for fragmentation).

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