Out-of-date device believes it's update to date, sender thinks it's out of sync

Hi! Searching, I’ve found a few threads along this line, but no solutions.

I’ve got two Fedora linux systems, both running syncthing. “zenhat” was the first one started, and “t14g3-2022-09-30-fedora” got most of its data from it.

Most folders transfered, and most files in most folders transferred. But some just didn’t?

Looking at the syncthing dashboard, zenhat (correctly) identifies that t14g3-2022-09-30-fedora is missing about 7GiB of data:

However, t14g3-2022-09-30-fedora believes itself to be up to date:

All folders in both devices show as “Up To Date” status.

I believe some problems were caused by one of my folders, “Music”, because zenhat’s Music folder had a bunch of folders that were missing write permissions, and the new folders on t14g3-2022-09-30-fedora were also missing write permissions. I added write permissions, and restarted both syncthing daemons, and somehow it started syncing the remaining files in that.

That didn’t fix my “Pictures” sync, though. When I click on “Out of Sync Items” in zenhat, a cursory glance only shows files from that sync. And that lines up with what files are present on disk:

$ du -hs ~/Pictures
12G	/home/daboross/Pictures
$ du -hs ~/Pictures
19G	/home/daboross/Pictures

Neither device has any ignore rules set in any of the affected shares.

Both devices are using syncthing v1.21.0 "Fermium Flea" (go1.19 linux-amd64) mockbuild@fedora-koji 2022-09-08 00:00:00 UTC.

No network issues - I’ve confirmed I can get about 500Mbit/s connection between the devices on the local network.

Is this a bug - should I report it? Is there anything else I could do to try and get this working?

Any debug logs it’d be useful to capture here?

You can try removing the folder on both sides simultaneously, restarting, and recreating the folders.

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