OpenBSD test debugging

(Edd Barrett) #41

OK, one more item before I agree with Audrius and suggest we just disable these tests on OpenBSD (and maybe delete the useless test).

Wouldn’t it be better to have each test use mkstemp() to make a uniquely named temp dir, then tests can’t clash. And if teardown fails, then we don’t care, as /tmp is cleaned on each reboot (sometimes before).

Thanks guys!

(Simon) #42

That’s exactly what we do in most cases. As we didn’t in most cases in the past, we had tests fail if their cleanup fails.

(Edd Barrett) #43

So we could just allow teardown to fail and be done with it?

(Simon) #44

We can and now do on master, along with all the rest of the changes resulting from this thread (not in 1.1.0-rc.1 unfortunately).

Thanks a lot for your time!

(Edd Barrett) #45

Excellent! And thank you for your time!

I’ll test master at some point :slight_smile: