Only folder structure synced between Windows 10 host and USB drive

I have run SyncTranzor on Windows 10 host and another portable version on USB hard driver to backup my some data from the host. I followed instructions from Is it possible to use USB HDD as a fake 'device'

However, when syncing the data I am getting:

[G4V4W] 23:04:48 INFO: fsync "Projects\\test-results-analyzer\\.git\\objects\\24" failed: sync \\?\F:\MyData\Projects\test-results-analyzer\.git\objects\24: Nieprawidłowe dojście.

Which in English I would translate to invalid path. The result is that folder structure is synced, while the files inside do not.

How can I handle that?

This is informational, and shouldn’t affect it working. It hopefully should be removed in the next release.

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