oneway sync to cluster

I am currently using synching to sync photos out of my Phone. After trial-and-error it worked fine. But now I challenged this setup with adding more nodes, however, seems it does not work as expected.

What I want:

  1. all files are transferrer mobile->cluster, to node which is currently online (I am not having them online all the time)

  2. if I delete something on mobile, it’s not synced back (due to space constraints)

  3. if some file is missing on A,B, or C, is is synced from A,B,C or mobile, where file is available.

        / | \
     A <-> B <-> C

I’ve been experimenting with “ignoredelete” which I now have on all nodes and “receiveonly” except mobile which is “sendonly”, but if I have all nodes receive only they are not making any sync progress in cluster for missing files, and when I remove the ignore deletes, it causes files deleted from mobile to be deleted also from cluster, which is also bad.

Is this even possible? Any config hints I am missing?

IgnoreDelete is more of a hack than anything else. Syncthing is intended for synchronisation rather than being a backup solution, hence the problems that you are experiencing.

What I would personally do is to have a folder synced between the phone and one (or multiple) other devices, and then have some kind of a script to run periodically and move the synced files to a different folder. That other folder would then be shared normally between the non-mobile devices.

I actually use this method to sync (or rather back up) my call logs and messages.


Syncthing is bidirectional sync, what you want is backups, which is not what syncthing is for. I suggest look for alternative software that does one way backups, and then potentially use syncthing between other machines.

Well in a way you are right, I want some kind of backup. On the other hand the “backend” shall be synced across other devices and for this the Synching is the best (I’ve been thinking about some cluster storage, but this might bring unwanted complexity).

I guess I’ll redo it as suggested: first mobile->folder, and then run script (actually I was thinking about custom versioning on Syncthing, but I need to read manual first) to move files to the folder synced across multiple devices.

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