One-way sync clarification

I know that this topic was discussed before, so I’ll try to be concise.

I’ve successfully setup a one way sync (Phone -> NAS) by using Send Only folder on the phone and Receive Only folder on the NAS with. Ignore Deletes is enabled on both sides.

What bothers me is that I think that I should see conflicts in the phone/NAS web UI as soon as I delete files on the phone. I’ve tried to test this, but when I delete file from the phone, I see no conflicts in folders (besides one extra file in local state).





Only in the remote device status on the phone I see that one file is not synced, which is OK.

Phone (remote device status)


Is this normal and that is how this kind of setup should be indicated in the UI?


Looks totally normal to me. Why’d you expect a conflict?

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I did a lot of research before trying to implement this, so I probably got confused by . And I didn’t have a clear understanding of what “conflict” is. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

So, to summarize this:

  1. The conflicts are only raised when there are conflicting file modifications (as per What if there is a conflict?).
  2. New/missing files are handled by folder settings (Receive/Send Only) and don’t raise conflicts.
  3. While ignoreDeletes is an advanced option, it shouldn’t produce conflicts.

Thank you for your time.

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Yes, you got all three right. No conflicts are expected in your setup.

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