One-Way File Sync, Full Sync File Deletes

I know I can use the Send / Receive options to create a one-way file sync. What I’d like to do however, is when files are deleted on either device, propagate the deletion on all devices. As an example:

Device A is a PC Devbice B & C are camera phones

Folder “Pix” on Device A is set-up to Receive Only Folder “Pix” on Device B is set-up to Send Only Folder “Pix” on Device C is set-up to Send Only

Device A (PC) receives images from Dev B & C into a single, consolidated folder. The images on Dev A (PC) should not be propagated to either Dev B or Dev C. Therefore, for this step, the existing one-way “Send Only” and “Receive Only” works fine.

When an image orginally from Dev B or C is deleted from the “Pic” folder on Dev A (PC), delete the orginal file on the respective Dev B or Dev C. This is the part I don’t know if it can be done.

I know that example sounds complicated, so in other words either an option to:

  • “Send & Receive” Deletes, seperate from the existing “Send”, “Receive”, “Send & Receive” files and folders options
  • or, Delete source file after “Sending” I think the first option is more “robust”, but I personaly don’t care when the source file is deleted in the above scenerio.

Thank you for Listening.

No, there is no way to do this.

The best I can suggest is two send receive folders, one for each device, oppose to consolidated, or have consolidation via cron or something.

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