One RAID1 server vs two servers

My current setup consists of a file server with RAID1 to which I sync a bunch of devices using unison. This works fine, but what I do not like it the single point of failure.

A great thing about Syncthing is that it doesn’t seem to mind a mesh topology. So how about replacing the single RAID1 server with two simpler ones? If one of the servers dies, everything will continue to work, correct? Do you see any disadvantages with this setup?

Yes, if one properly dies without being able to connect to others, then it’s fine. If however the disk goes crazy, corrupts the filesystem index which then manifests as files showing up as missing, then you’d get files nuked on the other side too.

A checksumming file system should protect against the disk going crazy.

And if you use BTRFS with hourly snapshots (snapper to the rescue) it would need a fire to stop your data. Assuming both servers are on the same building.

s/fire/some basic BTRFS bug for example the metadata index collapsing in RAID 5 mode when you delete a lot of small files/

Yes the RAID5 bug is bad. But why using RAID5 anyway? The usual RAID1 or 10 setup will be great in BTRFS.

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