One of my Syncthing clients won't stay connected reliably


I have had a syncthing setup running for several months now without much issue (other than finding some old clients weren’t updating). I have confirmed that all are running version 1.12.0, but I have one device (a Windows 10 laptop - work issued) that will connect and usually will sync successfully when it first boots up (or when I close syncthing and reconnect it), but after that I get a bunch of messages about “connection refused”, “context deadline exceeded”, “handshake did not complete in time” and “i/o timeout”.

I have to assume that either something has changed in our corporate network that is blocking this, or something in syncthing has changed in some of the more recent versions?

I can provide logs from both ends if that will help. I just want to know if there is a configuration that I can adjust, or if I am just out of luck using this on my work PC. I just use it for syncing some folders between machines for 3D printer usage, some coding work, etc.


One additional bit of detail - the main device is a raspbery pi 4 with a USB attached SSD (boot and data drive - no SD card), while the other devices are mostly Windows 10 PCs and laptops. I also have an Ubuntu client and a Mac client in the mix. Those all work fine for me. Just the work issued laptop is the problematic device.

Perhaps it’s the firewall, or work laptop is connected to the VPN?

I suspect firewall might be part of it, but not sure why it would work initially and then stop. I do have to connect to VPN for some things, but after I posted originally, I thought that I would try disconnecting the VPN and then restarting Syncthing on the laptop, and left for about 2 hours. When I came back, I checked the gui on the Pi and I see the same error messages under the disconnected work laptop.

I have no idea, but there is nothing special here, just refused/broken connections, which are most likely due to firewall. Why it happens sometime later I don’t know.

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