One node prevented others from connecting

I just had a problem where none of my Syncthing nodes would connect, even after restarting all but one. Once I restarted the last node the other nodes found each other without restarting, and after last node finished restarting it connected too.

The web interface on that last node had issues too. It loaded but it seemed like it didn’t pull in anything through javascript. The restart through the actions menu in web interface did work though, although again it did not show the restarting message, it just dimmed the page.

The last node is running syncthing 0.13.7 on Synology. My other nodes are two Windows machines running 0.13.7 and one Synology machine with syncthing 0.13.4. Both Synology’s are ARM, but different models. I am using both dynamic and static addresses, because the Synology’s are on different networks and the Windows machines are laptops that connect locally to one Synology and remotely to the other Synology, based on their location.

I don’t have much time now so I thought I would at least put this experience out here on the forums. I’ve just upgraded to version 13 yesterday, so I hope it was just a fluke and it doesn’t happen again. Although there seems to be two issues here 1) there was a problem on one node and 2) the other nodes can get stuck if one of the other nodes have an issue.

This is all smoke and mirrors until you have a way to reproduce this.

What potentially might have happened is that a negative cache result was held in the cache for 5 or so minutes during which it was simply unable to discover the other peers, which eventually timed out and it all started working again.

I realize that and that’s why I didn’t create a bug report. I posted it here just in case it was something you wanted to know more about, or in case other people run into same issue. If it happens again I might look into the logs to see if those provide some more information.

BTW, what I forgot to mention in my previous post was that I am not using discovery servers. I’m only using local discovery & static addresses. The IP’s of the machines were the same all the time.

For now its running fine again. I’ve been running Syncthing for over a year and am very happy with it, thanks for putting your time and effort into it :slight_smile:

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