One last question about copying synced folders

Hi. My transition is almost complete and I’m ready to clone my computers, changing user data of course.

I am wondering – if I copy a synced folder, including the hidden syncthing files, and then with the new user sync to the same folder, will that be enough to continue the sync process just like on the old computer?

Or do I lose something in the copy and reset sync folders? Will the other syncthing devices see something odd?

Thanks in advance. I will be so glad when my project is finished!

Not sure I am following.

If you transfer your Syncthing configuration including keys etc to the new system the other devices will think it is exactly the same system.

If you just transfer the contents of the folders you are sharing it will take the ignore files and version folder with it because that is stored in the synced folder. This doesn’t transfer the configuration of the folder (with the exception of ignores) so if you haven’t also moved the Syncthing configuration it will not be share with anyone.

If you are pre-seeding a device to add to the mesh, you can copy the shared folders to the same location on the new device and then copy the Syncthing configuration without the key and certificate files.

Syncthing will generate a new certificate for the device and it will try to join the cluster. It will have to be accepted by the other devices or an introducer before they will start sharing with it.

Thank you. Then my question would be:

Can I edit the configuration of the folder for the new device?

Thanks. That answered my followup question.

I really appreciate the quick responses to my questions. You people are amazing.

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