One folder won't sync

I’m new to Syncthing and have 4 matching folders on my laptop and desktop Linux machines setup to sync. I have them set on my laptop as send only. Three of the folders work as expected; new or modified files are synced to my desktop from the base folders and all subfolders of the base folders, but one folder, ~/Documents does not sync new or modified files from the base folder.

To ignore subfolders I have .stignore set as: !/Documents * However with that or with .stignore empty nothing gets copied or updated from ~/Documents and the output of global and local files always shows 0 files, 0 bytes on both machines. I created the folders and they have no special attributes or permissions, but no matter what I try they won’t sync. Suggestions?

If you share ~/Documents, !/Documents inside .stignore would unignore ~/Documents/Documents.

Ignoring subdirectories should work like this:


or maybe this:


this would still sync the dirs, but no content

Thanks for your reply. I tried your suggestions but the folder ~/Documents still doesn’t sync. Now however the output does show local and global files and sizes. I ignore the subfolders because they contain Gb worth of music files I don’t need synced, but even if I leave .stignore empty and let it sync the subfolders (which takes forever) it still doesn’t sync the base folder (Documents).

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