One device stuck on 95%, trying to sync non-existent sync-conflict files

I have a Steam Deck and a Linux laptop sharing a folder via Syncthing. On the laptop’s side, everything looks fine, it says Up to Date for all devices. On the Steam Deck, though, it says my laptop is “Syncing (95%, 0 B)”. When I view what files are out of sync, there are 2 icon.sync-conflict-blahblahblah and 2 servers.sync-conflict-blahblahblah. I checked the folder on both my Steam Deck and my laptop, and those files don’t exist on either device (and yes, I have show hidden files turned on).

This doesn’t actually cause any problems with syncing, all my files still sync fine, so it’s not a big problem. But it would be nice to fix it somehow.

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