On which user works Syncthing installed via SyncTrayzor, is it a system service?

Question: On which user works Syncthing installed via SyncTrayzor? Is it a system service? Or user used for SyncTrayzor installation? Someone know it or have an idea how to checkk it?

I need to know it, because I would like to install it on a few Win10 machines (as clients of NAS).

NAS will share a special folder one way only (from NAS -> to a few clients). @ clients I’m going to install SyncTrayzor. I’m going to allow users of those client machines to have an access for this folder (data synhronized from NAS to clients).

Because of this single direction data flow I would like to make this folder (via ACL biold in Windows) as read and execute only for all users, but of course I have to ensure Syncthing (from SyncTrayzer) on client machines has a read/write access to this folder. But which user is it?

Thats why I need to know which ures it working on. Could someone please help me to find the answer?

Thank you and best regards Mariusz

I believe it runs as the user starting the application.

I think the Windows Task Manager will tell you the user a process runs as when switching to the advanced view.

I decided the best way is to use Syncthing directly (without SyncTrayzor) and autostart follow https://docs.syncthing.net/users/autostart.html#windows

Then it start on selected user during startup (even nobody logged it) and works always, not a mater if or who is logged in. It solve my issue.