often becoming out of sync because of ignored files especially trouble with deletes?

Hi there, I have some few 0.14.21 nodes: a linux syncthing with ext4, and a few macosx syncthing and one windows syncthing. Right from the start methinks, I added those ignore files patterns for thumbs.db and crap like that on all of the sync nodes (btw, wouldnt it be grat to auto-propagate all these ignore patterns within a sync to all participating nodes (syncing master object/path/folder, wouldnt the ignore patterns be actual to-be-desired properties of this toplevel object?)

today maybe the windows syncthing user deleted some folders which were still present on the linux node all but empty, and odd enough, the linux node has thumbs.db files in its otherwise empty folders of some sub-path areas.

The linux syncthing gui complained at the root syncthing object that 5 or six objects werent able to be synced, because the folder/path werent empty.

I needed to investigate what happened, and i manually deleted the thumbs.db in each of those five subfolders on the ext4 disk of the linux machine, and eventually it could work and complete and finish those delete commands on the folders that should be delted and then vanished.

Is there a way to resolve these kind of trouble properly or in better more sane ways?

When folder holds nothing else but the ignore pattern matches and then it is subject to a delete command, then it could or should be executed, or am I mistaken here?

Also i dont know or understand in the first place how or why the thumbs.db files appeared and got synced onto the linux machine in the first place.

Thank you.

Read the docs on the (?d) syntax for ignores.

Also read up on the #include syntax for ignores.

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Sweet, highly appreciate your speedy and precise answer. I overlooked that directive it seems. I probably only read briefly over it and copy pasted some ignore patterns from there or maybe some other thread or community post about best practices and ignore patterns.

Thanks again.

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