offline sync to additional storage madia

Hello forum.

Would like to keep an offline backup media and having Syncthing synchronised/replicated the changes asap the offline media becomes online (inserted to USB)?

Possible with Syncthing?

Thank’s a lot!


Yes and no…

It can be done by having two Syncthing instances and fiddling with ports etc, but it is an unsupported use case.

You are better off using e.g. Unison in this case.

Thank’s a lot martinleben for the feedback !

Do you see a possibility to “integrate” as well Android-mobiles in the mentioned environment?

Thank’s a lot!


You could potentially build a custom APK yourself that effetively allows you to have to different versions of syncthing at the same time (or use the official release ane fork), but to be honest, it’s just abuse, and a clear indication that the application is not meant to do what you are trying to do, so you are better off trying to find an alternative solution.

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