Occasional bad or incomplete shutdowns of syncthing

I’ve been pursuing my trials of synchronising the in and sent boxes of thunderbird between the desktop and a laptop. Mostly this works fine and I avoid having thunderbird open at same time on both machines. I close the mail client before starting sync.

I start syncthing first on the machine which has just been using the mail client and then some minutes later, I start syncthing on the other machine.

After a few minutes, when all sync activity seems to have taken place, I close syncthing using Actions/shutdown first on one machine and then on the other. Usually, I get a green dialogue indicating shutdown in the browser and exit shows in the terminal.

Occasionally, and today was the first occurrence since upgrading to 0.11.9, there is no indication and the terminal appears to be hanging. This was the case on both machines and it took a Ctrl-C in both terminals to get an exit.

Today was also the first time in a week that I had any conflict files.

Did this failure to exit cleanly mean that there was unfinished business going on between the 2 computers although there was no visual indication in the browser window ?

Also, is it a coincidence that there were conflicted files at the same time ?

Syncthing doesn’t wait for things to finish before shutting down, so probably not. Not sure what happened. However,

No, probably not. This can happen when a file has just been synced, but the result has not been written to the database before Syncthing is killed. The file is then detected as a local change, and you may get a conflict. The conflict is usually in metadata only though (i.e. version vector or maybe modification time) so shouldn’t create an actual sync-conflict file.

Thanks - if I get any more bad shutdowns, I’ll try and see if I can pin down any sequence or reason for it.