Obtaining data from rest/db/file

Hello everybody,

I’m writing a script to obtain information from synced files, trying to measure how much time it takes to fully synchronize. The idea is to use /rest/db/file function. However, I cannot find an example of how to properly use it.

I have a Syncthing folder named Benchmark. Also, a file stored in the filesystem as Benchmark/bm2/0000.txt The script attempts to GET from


However, both requests obtain as result

No such object in the index

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?


The parameter folder needs the ID, not the Name/Label. Is Benchmark the ID or the Label?

It is the ID. The ID is benchmark and the label is Benchmark. Is it ok to have this ID and label?

File needs to be relative (yet “absolute” as no dot in front) to the root of the folder, and potentially start with a slash.

I found it! The name of the file was wrong! Sorry all for wasting your time, but without your help guys, it won’t see the error. Thank you very much!

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