Notifying out of space errors

Suppose I have a SyncThing folder synced between Server A, Backup Server B, and my Desktop C.

Suppose Backup Server B runs out of disk space. I never log into Server B, and it’s on a different hosting provider to everything else, and I basically would have no way in the normal course of things of noticing that it had stopped syncing.

I would be really nice if, in the “Remote Devices” list on my Desktop, Backup Server B showed up with an Error status, instead of just Up to date / Syncing / Disconnected. Then I’d know that it needed attention, and I either need to provision a larger HDD or delete some backups.

Of course, there are server monitoring tools out there that will do this for me, but that’s quite a lot of overhead and effort and learning curve to go through… and I’d have though that having a server being able to report its state as “Error” to its peers would be useful in other contexts too.

It could be, indeed. There is currently no such feedback mechanism. Having one would also solve