Not synching files, stuck at idle but at < 100%

Hi, I am using syncthing 0.9.9 on raspberry (master repository) and on my local pc (ubuntu) and is not synching. It is stuck at idle 99% with 6 files to come from raspberry (out of sync) but is not doing anything else. I already tried to delete the index in syncthing config on my local machine and still noting, after the repository scan it is stuck at idle with same 99% and same 6 files out of sync and does not want to download them from raspberry.

Any help appreciated.

Hi! Please past the output from STTRACE=model with the method as described here:

Ok, so here is the log file, I just renamed the id’s of the nodes, the rest is not changed. In the meantime I updated my local pc to 0.9.10 but the problem is the same.

syncthing.log (18.3 KB)

Looks like the other side is not sending the right data. Any errors on the sending side?

I am going to check later tonight and post here the findings

i also encountered this today. I changed the files on node A (netbook), they got synced fine to node B (desktop). Uploading to node C ( never was succesful. I think node A got disconnected again and again and node B did not upload anything from what it looked like at the transfers. While node A was still connected node C showed the state as syncing, when i shut down node A it showed the repo as idle with still one file missing. When shutting down B and starting A it suddenly got synced. There are also crashes in the log, i think the latest happend when i shut down node B.

here are some logs from C: logs.tar.gz (86.7 KB) (named with TAI64N timestamp, looking at the modification date is probably the best to sort them)

My case is solved, seems that raspberry somehow changed the external drive device path from hda to hdb and that is why my local pc was not receiving data. Still now my problem is on other machine (a mac) where it says local repository 100% and the master 98% Synching but it never does anything, If I find any clues I will continue posting here.