Not sync on WAN

Dear friends, I’m new to Syncthing and I use it on my Lan to sync my laptop with my desktop pc. Everything works great. When I am outside the lan and connect with my laptop to the internet, the files won’t sync. I need to came back to my LAN and then it sync.

What is the problem?

Thank you very much!



(There’s also rather a lot of threads about this on this forum, searching for “disconnected” or “connect” will probably bring up a couple of discussions with helpful hints.)

Dear Jakov, Thank you for your answer. I have a upnp router and before I already did port forwarding manually. This also didn’t help.

That is the reason I ask this question.

Did you forward the same external port to the same internal port? Also, are you sure you forwarded the correct port?

I suggest you test your port forwarding works. Alternatively, syncthing should be able to connect via a relay, do you have them enabled?

Dear Audrius, I have DMZ also on my router. I tried to understand the relay thing and I’m a bit lost…

Well, if you have DMZ enabled then I don’t see the reasom for port forwarding, if which case it’s probably your firewall.

I have DMZ, I did port forwarding because I believed that something happened and also the router has UPnP. Where can I find information about the relay for humans like me? (not so technical), they should just work out of the box.

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