Not dialing priority is equal and we already have 1/4304081728 connections

Hi All,

Doesn’t seem to be affecting anything but just noticed this in my logs:

2024-01-10 18:06:29 Not dialing X at quic://X using QUIC Dialer as priority is equal and we already have 1/4304081728 connections

Can’t work out where this might be coming from! Running 1.26.0

Thanks Jon

That’s certainly a lot of connections. :melting_face:

From a quick look in the code, that number comes directly from the NumConnections config value for the device. The log message becomes misleading because that’s not what it actually compares against, it compares against a computed value that takes into account the configured NumConnections but also what the other side wants, a maximum threshold, and so so.

So I expect your config has a wild value in it, but in reality Syncthing has ignored that and done something more sensible, in this case probably taking the other side’s “one connection only please” default.

Plus, it’s a debug message. Those sometimes make sense on their own (that’s ideal) but often only make sense in the context of debugging something and looking at the code that emits it.

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