not churning

i’ve been looking at these numbers for a couple days

situation omv6 & it’s dockers (configs, settings, everything) ate itself from a ssd failure. along with that no data on the nas itself zpool, was lost, just the os, which happened to have, because I=noob, all the catalogs etc.

build new system drive, new archetecture and ditched omv for some other stuff mounted the zpool to the new system installed docker installed syncthing in docker again. setup everything and reconnected to the other machines that are downstream

and it ran pretty hard for day one with compares and such

all these files are identical to the old files. only the OS has changed

i tried to recover the catalogs and make the re-intergration smoother, but they are a lost cause.

my expectation was it would look at all the files decide they were more or less the same and do nothing more. or give me a shitload of sync conflicts to resolve.

there are some new files on both sides, i expect only a few actually are changed files, and finally some likely deleted files.

do the real question after all this is… how do i unstick thing so it will finish compare/sync and come back to parity

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What does Syncthing say about the 300,000+ out of sync items?

some variant of this. all the folders “say up to date” there are no failures

all the log messages are connection from device id to device id established or something similar, nothing stands out as something to follow.

So far there’s not quite enough info (the screenshot was a bit too redacted :wink:) to pinpoint a single cause.

Are all of the out-of-sync items on the “Steam 3T” device?

In Syncthing web GUI, under Actions → Logs → Debugging Facilities, there are a bunch of options for increasing the amount of details in the log.

Previous posts on this forum explain why and how to reset the delta index IDs. Could be useful in your situation with the rebuild after SSD failure.

thank you for the suggestion.

i did about 15 min of searching various terms related to your suggestion found two articles and neither are helpful, and the why/how explanations have eluded me entirely. if you can point me at a specific posting, i would deeply appreciate that.

left and right are direct compares. there are items in all the folders that do not sync. i will try turning on more logging.

my understanding so far was that the catalog doesn’t exist on one side it would just rebuild it. but it’s stuck.

From the Syncthing documentation:

See also:

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