Noob question - is this always syncing? What happens when we shut the black pop-up runbox thingy?

Hi, Sorry if this is a really dumb noob question. (I did search the forum but didn’t find anything)… I have just installed Syncthing on Windows 7 to sync photos between my laptop and my wife’s laptop. (She has a Win8 machine). I have a few more serious applications but I want to make sure it works at this basic level first. It seems like when I close the pop-up black box thingy on the desktop it disconnects my computer from my wife’s and stops syncing… But then doesn’t start again till I restart Syncthing. (By double clicking on the syncthing.exe file.) I really want this to work all the time in the background as an alternative to BTSync (which just shot itself in the foot by limiting people to 10 folders unless they pay). So - does it sync all the time? Or do I have to start Syncthing running to start it syncing? That seems counter productive so I guess I am missing something. And does the pop-up box have to be on the desktop all the time? It seems a little unfinished… Can’t you hide that? Thanks Greg

You can create a shortcut, and add -no-console at the end of it, which will make it run in the background without the black window.

You will have to shut it down through the web UI.

Yes, Syncthing will only be running (and syncing) when it’s running, and yes, by default, it appears as a console window.

You’re not the first person to dislike this, and there plenty of community-contributed solutions, which will auto-start Syncthing, show a more familiar UI (instead of forcing you to open a web browser), and hide down in the tray when you just want them to run but be out of the way (as BTSync did). Two popular ones for Windows are SyncTrayzor and syncthing-gtk, and a more complete list is available on the wiki (disclaimer: I wrote SyncTrayzor).

Hey you will have to speak in plain English as I’m pretty computer literate but not in a programmer way. (Poweruser?) So just right click on the desktop and create a new shortcut? Does this mean it always starts automatically when Windows starts? Thanks

Just use what @canton7 suggested, that will solve most if not all of your issues.

Dear Greg

I would recommend SyncTrayzor for your setup. It is easy to install and has all the functions you mentioned. (autostart during windows startup, no mysterious windows… and so on)

You can download it here:

Select the file: “SyncTrayzorSetup-x64.exe” for 64 bit systems. (Which I guess both your systems are)

Of course, there are other possibilities, but I think SyncTrayzor is the simplest.

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