Nodes disagree on which other nodes are in sync

I have several Syncthing nodes on my home LAN, including:

  • A Linux desktop running Syncthing v1.19.2-ds1
  • A Linux server running Syncthing v1.19.2-ds1
  • An Android tablet running Syncthing v1.23.7

The server has the desktop set as Introducer, and the tablet has both the desktop and the server set as Introducer.

When I check remote units on my desktop, the server shows as updated, while the Android tablet shows “Synchronizing (86%, 6,45 GiB)”. It doesn’t show any failed files.

Both my server and Android tablet thinks all devices are in sync, though.

It’s been like this for days. Should this be possible? Is it a bug, or did I mess up the configuration somehow?

Maybe there is some folder you didn’t share / accept on the other side? Look at the Web GUI on the Android tablet, expand the device section that says only 86%, and check if any of the shared folders have a small superscript one (1) appended. If so, the tooltip will tell you that the remote device hasn’t accepted the shared folder, which you will need to do on that device then.

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I solved the problem by moving all of the files from the offending sync folder to a newly created sync folder. They all synchronised without problems.

I’d still like to know what went wrong, though, so I don’t repeat it.

Thanks, I had missed that feature.

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