Nodes connected ok, but are not syncing

I have one node on an EC2 instance and one on my local laptop - they are successfully connected, but they are not syncing their files after about a half hour, even though each node clearly knows about its own files, according to the gui and the index of each. I put a bunch in Sync on the laptop and one test file on the EC2 instance, which is designated as a master node. I’m not seeing any clues in the support or docs. Any ideas where to continue looking for the problem?

In case it isn’t obvious (from the fact that the nodes see each other and I can use the GUI remotely), the ports open on the EC2 instance are 22000, 21025 and 8080.

Weird. How does it look when you expand the repo “tile” in the GUI, on both sides?

Here’s the screenshot of each tile:

The laptop. It should have 1231 files if it had synced with the EC2 instance.

The EC2 instance. It should, obviously, have >1 file :slight_smile:

Ah. You have the (admittedly unintuitive) “master repository” flags set in the wrong direction. With this setup, the repo on the ec2 box is protected from outside modification, hence nothing is synced there.

Ah. I also noticed I hadn’t checked the box for the other node on each side. Now it’s working. So I unchecked master and now I’m getting two-way sync, which is what I want. Thanks!