Node interaction with master


I tried to find an answer in the docs and on the forum, but eventhough I found hints, I am still confused about some specific aspects of my question(s):

In the FAQs it says

Syncthing segments files into pieces, called blocks, to transfer data from one device to another. Therefore, multiple devices can share the synchronization load, in a similar way to the torrent protocol. The more devices you have online, the faster an additional device will receive the data because small blocks will be fetched from all devices in parallel.

In my case I have 24 clients locally, they all simply want to pull the content from the master. In order for the clients to share the synchronization load, do I have to share the folder between them as well?

And if so, would I enable this “load-sharing” via the introducer flag?

And if so, would that also work on an already set up mesh? My server and all clients are configured already, so if I add the introducer flag to the server on one of the clients will it propagate automatically to all clients without me having to enter the gui on each of the clients and accepting something?

Thanks in advance and sorry if the first questions seem obvious, but I am still not really sure about how it works even after reading the docs and forum entries on the topic…

Nodes check for data only with other nodes that share the same folder, so yes, for reuse you’d have to share all 24 to other 24.

Marking server as introducer on all other devices should work.

Thanks for clarifying that for me!

And for setting the server as introducer on all 24 devices I have no other option then going into the gui of each one of them and setting it manually?

That, via REST API or by stopping Syncthing, editing the config and starting again.


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