No Upgrades still updates

I have installed the Syncthing binary on three systems: v0.14.35 on Osx 10.6.8 64bit with Automatic upgrades set to no upgrades. v0.14.36 on Clearos v6 32bit with Automatic upgrades set to no upgrades.

Installed as a SlackBuild on Salix 14.1 64bit also set to No upgrades yet it continues to be updated, it’s now v0.14.43. Is this a bug or related to a setting I may have missed?

As a side note on the Clearos system Syncthing corrupted its database syncing 3TB. Now I use Syncthing for a lot less data and its fine.

The first question anyone will as is “How did you install Synching?”

Slack thing is probably the package manager upgrading it and not Syncthing itself. But like kluppy says, who knows.

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