No Listing for Syncthing Program

I installed Syncthing via SyncTrayzor on my Win 10 device and it seems to be fine. I can navigate to the config file with no problem. But I don’t see any reference to Syncthing or SyncTrayzor in Control Panel > Programs & Features, nor in Program Files, nor Program Files (x86), nor when I do a search of the whole device looking for “syncthing.exe”

Probably an obvious answer for an experienced user, but “where is the program located?”

I have just checked it, and normally SyncTrayzor should install to %ProgramFiles%\SyncTrayzor (i.e. usually C:\Program Files\SyncTrayzor) or %ProgramFiles(x86)%\SyncTrayzor (i.e. usually C:\Program Files (x86)\SyncTrayzor. The latter is only true if you happen to use the x86 version under an x64 system. The uninstaller should also be available either in the Settings or the Control Panel.

It seems that you do not have it there, so I would suggest performoring a simple search.

  1. Open the command prompt (right click on Start button → Run → type cmd → press Enter).
  2. Type dir /a /b /s %systemdrive%\*synctrayzor* → press Enter.
  3. Copy and paste the results here.
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It should also have put an entry for SyncTrayzor into Programs & Features, and one in the start menu.

When you say it “seems to be fine”, what does that mean? Have you managed to start SyncTrayzor? It’s sounds to me like the installation didn’t complete.

Here is what that returns:

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19041.804] © 2020 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>dir /a /b /s %systemdrive%*synctrayzor* C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64 C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\ C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64 C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzor.exe C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzor.exe.config C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzor.pdb C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\ar\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\bg\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\cs\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\de\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\es\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\fi\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\fr\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\hu-HU\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\it-IT\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\ja\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\logs\SyncTrayzor.log C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\logs\logs archive\SyncTrayzor.0.log C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\logs\logs archive\SyncTrayzor.1.log C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\logs\logs archive\SyncTrayzor.2.log C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\nl\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\pl\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\pt-BR\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\ru\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\sk\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\sv\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\vi\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\SyncTrayzorPortable-x64\zh-CN\SyncTrayzor.resources.dll C:\ProgramData\Intel\ShaderCache\SyncTrayzor_0 C:\ProgramData\Intel\ShaderCache\SyncTrayzor_1 C:\ProgramData\Intel\ShaderCache\SyncTrayzor_2 C:\Users\All Users\Intel\ShaderCache\SyncTrayzor_0 C:\Users\All Users\Intel\ShaderCache\SyncTrayzor_1 C:\Users\All Users\Intel\ShaderCache\SyncTrayzor_2 C:\Users\JON\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\SyncTrayzor.lnk C:\Users\JON\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\ C:\Windows\Prefetch\


I had originally downloaded from the Syncthing website and installed: 64-bit (x86-64)32-bit (x86-32)

Then I saw on the same site: * SyncTrayzor: Windows tray utility, filesystem watcher & launcher

So I installed that, but after un-zipping, I saw both Syncthing.exe and SyncTrayzor.exe

I’m a little unsure which of those I should have run, and if I have done it incorrectly, and I don’t have an uninstall option, how do I clean all traces so I can begin fresh and install it correctly?

See response to Tomasz86

Right, so you just downloaded the portable version of SyncTrayzor. That’s a standalone zip which doesn’t have an installer: useful if you want to put it on a USB stick for example, or you don’t have admin privileges on your machine. If you want to use the portable version then run SyncTrayzor.exe. If you want an actual installed version which goes into Program Files, has an entry in the start menu, an uninstaller, etc, then download the installer and run that.

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As canton7 wrote above, and if you do want to “clean all traces”, then simply delete the C:\Downloads\Syncthing\SyncTrayzor folder :wink:.

Just for clarity, SyncTrayzorPortable-x**.zip are the portable versions, while SyncTrayzorSetup-x**.exe are the installers.

I personally prefer to use portable software for yet another reason. That is, if Windows goes to hell and I need to reformat the system partition, I can keep the software with its settings stored in a completely different location, and then continue to use it in the same state after reinstalling the OS.

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I’m going to rename Syncthing.exe in the portable / installation dir to NotSyncthing.exe or something… It’s an (understandably) constant source of confusion.

How about moving it into a subfolder, so that only SyncTrayzor.exe remains in the main folder? I myself have misclicked and run syncthing.exe at least a few times when I wanted to start SyncTrayzor :upside_down_face:.

So if I want to actually install it (SyncTrayzorSetup-x**.exe), do I need also to run the Syncthing.exe file listed also?

No. You run SyncTrayzor (from the start menu, if you’re using the installed version) and it takes care of starting Syncthing.

Thanks very much. Now I installed the “installer” version (SyncTrayzor.exe) and when I try to start it, I get these last lines in the log:

All devices working well now. Thanks for all of the help!

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