No evidence of new device id

I deleted the ~/.config/syncthing/key.pem and cert.pem so that a new device id is created (I need to be able to clone my device drive onto another device). However, when I run the web gui and restart syncthing, the same device id as before the deletion shows up in the “Show ID” page.

Is that normal?

I suspect syncthing is started with -home or via some service manager which keeps syncthings configs somewhere else than you expect.

Just tested it and it works for me, so it doesn’t seem normal. But I would always stop syncthing before deleting the certificate files and then start it again.

Yes syncthing is started as a service (as described here). I’ll check on that other config directory tomorrow when I get my hand on the device.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Ok, I’ve checked and, as expected, the config is somewhere else. Since I start the service as root, the config is in /root/.config/syncthing/. Deleting the key.pem and cert.pem in this folder then restarting syncthing from the Web UI changes the Device ID.

Thanks for the precious and fast help!

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Generally speaking, don’t do that. Use a normal unprivileged user.

Yeah I know it is a bad idea, but the process creating the files to sync has to be run as root. Thus, if syncthing is not root it can’t read/write them … (it is a device that uses WiringPi GPIOs)

ACLs can help there, potentially.

Thanks, I’ll look into that to solve my permission issues and retransfer syncthing to the user.

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