No devices seen on OpenBSD

I am trying to get Syncthing working on my netbook running OpenBSD but I can’t sync with my other devices which are running either Linux or Android. Any suggestions as to a possible solution would be greatly appreciated!

I first tried v0.12.2 (i386) on OpenBSD. Everything seemed to work fine except that I couldn’t see any other devices and none of my other devices could see the OpenBSD machine.

Realising now that v0.12 and v0.11 aren’t compatible, I am now running v0.11.26 on OpenBSD (the same version as at least one of my Linux machines). This is now running fine (after I fixed an error about their being an extra colon in one of the IP addresses in config.xml), but I still can’t sync with (or see) any other devices.

I’ve switched off the firewall on the OpenBSD machine. There are a few info messages on STOUT about invalid IGD responses from my router and another which I think is not particularly relevant: [GOKP4] 09:03:35 INFO: Error creating discovery client default Unsupported scheme:

Please check your settings, especially listen address and global discovery servers. v0.12 uses different values than v0.11.

The listen address should be (whereas v0.12 would have tcp://

I don’t remember the default global discovery servers for v0.11. You should check the setting of the other devices and use their values.

Thanks! You were on to something… I realised that because I used v0.11 after v0.12, syncthing was trying to use the config.xml created first by v0.12. Presumably the global discovery stuff you mention and other stuff is from v0.12 and isn’t compatible with v0.11. I think I have resolved the issue by removing the syncthing directory in ~/.config (created by v0.12) and running v0.11 again so it recreates it’s own compatible config files.

That works, and also there’s a backup created att conversion time called config.xml.v11 that you could restore to.

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