-no-console equivalent for linux ?


I killed an instance + monitor than ran for another user in its own environment to edit his config. I can ssh+mykey log into this remote machine and I “su the-other-user”. how can I do some -no-console to restart his instance then exit back to my account… cleanly? I tried syncthing & but ST go on loging to the screen even when I exit the other user account to mine. ps aux shows his 2 instances seems to run OK. If I exit ssh back to local then login again to remore, ps aux shows ? in the pts column. Normal ? Usually this user autostarts ST on login without a terminal

Thank you

Most likely: https://docs.syncthing.net/users/autostart.html#using-systemd

Otherwise, if you just want to suppress the output:

$ syncthing > /dev/null &

But when your shell terminates, syncthing terminates as well.

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syncthing &>/dev/null & disown to make it run after the shell terminates if that fails try syncthing </dev/null &>/dev/null & disown

You may also just check the standard nohup command, whose purpose is exactly to prevent shell termination from also terminating a job.

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