Newbie stuck betwen Mac/Win

Hello all,

I have an issue and being a newbie I need some assistance. So, a Mac (10.9) and a Win (8.1) in the same intranet (office environment; can’t do much about it) connected over the same WiFi connection. Local/Global discoveries are checked/enabled. The machines are sitting next to each other so I assume that they are connected through the same wireless AP. The machines can ping each other. But Syncthing says that both sides are disconnected. Both machines have syncthing allowed to pass through their firewalls.

So, what should be the next thing I need to check locally?

Thanks in advance for your assistance


Well, I’d start with setting STTRACE=discovery,beacon environment variable, after that Wireshark is the only option left. Are both machines on the same subnet?

I guess we should write a small utility for debugging things like this.

Try not using discovery. Try using their ip addresses. If that works you can troubleshoot discovery.