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I have just started to use SyncThing and am very impressed. ( I currently use D***box but am considering moving away from this … especially after their recently announced 16% price hike)

I am using the SyncThing GUI ( unknown (Daemon v1.1.3)) between m/c A ( Linux Mint 19.1) and B ( Mint 18.3) and have a few newbie questions.

I want to keep a daily, weekly and monthly copy of my data. I have set up “Send-only” from A at the appropriate scan intervals.

Scan settings:- I set up a sync on A , when I accept this on B, the scan frequency is sometimes different; which setting is active? Monitor for file changes:- I am unsure whether to set this or not. By testing, it this is set and I change a file then the local file count changes but it does not sync ( until the sync refresh). … which is the behaviour I want. What is the benefit of setting this Monitor?

Rgds, Tony

It’s totally unclear what you are talking about. What is sync refresh?

Monitor for file changes notices files changing faster than the periodic scan, so the changes are propagated faster.

Hi, apologies for using the incorrect term… rescan interval.

That’s a backup question. Good thing to do, but kind of independent from Syncthing (not SyncThing :wink: ). Setting scan intervals has nothing to do with it. Syncthing continuously mirrors changes. If you only want to sync changes at long intervals, you could just as well use a backup solution directly.

Hi Simon,

thank you for your prompt & comprehensive response.

I recognise that Syncthing :grinning: IS a synchronisation tool and that I am actually, trying, to implement a tiered backup. Your mention of this has caused me to reconsider my approach. I think I will use Syncthing to routinely sync my data from A to B and then use Timeshift or Lucky-Backup on B to provide the required backup variants. Best regards, Tony

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Off topic, sorry, but I love the name of this project in a :wtf: kind of way. Especially for backups I would like luck to be no part of the equation. :wink:

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Hmm… now you mention it … that is a bit ironic!

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