Newbie Panic Log


I’m helisaire from France.

I try to launch syncthing on my shared hosting with putty.

I’ve a panic detected… Thans for your help.

This looks like a bug, but I’m slightly suspicious against

Can you log in and run ulimit -u in a shell, same that you would use to start Syncthing, and see what it reports back? This is the limit on the number of threads (processes), and if it’s very low Syncthing will not be able to run.

It reports 35.

I suspect that’s not going to work. You can try exporting GOMAXPROCS=1 and make sure to configure copiers, hashers and pullers (advanced folder config) to one each. Minimize the number of folders you use. But most likely you’ll see this crash as Syncthing is multithreaded and can create at least several tens of threads, and the system only allows you 35 minus any other stuff you might have running.

A “normal” system has a thread limit in the thousands or tens of thousands.

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Thanks for your good support. I will try this.

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