New user, somewhat complex sync

Hi guys, i come to SynchThing in a quest to find a tool that allows me to do something like what i’m going to explain.

Scenario: I have a pc (call it MASTER) with a root folder, and somewhat like 10 subfolders with files within each one. I have an unraid server (SERVER) with plenty of space I have 4 clients that needs a replica of some of the folders on SERVER (C1-C4)

MASTER is where i work, adding/removing files in subfolders i’ve setup a SEND ONLY synchthing on the root folder with SERVER (that has RECEIVE ONLY). I DONT want anyone to change files in the entire structure beside MASTER.

then, on SERVER, i’ve configured each subfolder separately, with (SEND ONLY) on each client, i’ve accepted the sharing of only those folder pertinent to each client.

I know i could have skipped SERVER and linked MASTER with C*, but SERVER is always online and act as a backup for MASTER too.

Before starting to see if the sync works, is this the right way to accomplish what i need? Or there is something wrong or a better way to do that?

It sounds fine. During setup, Syncthing will warn that you are trying to sync a folder whose parent folder is already being synced.

You’ll also have to work out the logistics of Syncthing’s folder marker…

Because SERVER is receive-only, when you share a subdirectory from SERVER to C1, Syncthing will be looking for a .stfolder marker in that subdirectory. But then SERVER will have a file/directory that MASTER does not, resulting in an error about “local additions” on SERVER.

There are several ways to handle it, so see the official docs for details and search this forum for tips.

In particular: Am I able to nest shared folders in Syncthing?

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