New user of SyncThing

Hi guys, my name is Fabio

New user here, about a week or two using syncthing.

My strategy was:

File server, computer named: Rhodan (Windows server 2008) 2 TB of files

BKP 01, computer named: Bell (Windows server 2012)

BKP 02, computer named: Thora (Windows 10)

BKP 03, computer named: Tolot (Windows XP)

Rhodan shares files with SEND ONLY (File Versioning Trashcan, 30 days)

Bell, Thora and Tolot, RECEIVE ONLY (File Versioning Trashcan, 30, 60 and 90 days)

My question for more experienced users: this is a good strategy ?

please send me any tip.

Thank you all


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I like it :slight_smile:

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Versioning has no effect if you use a send-only folder. Versioning stores copies of files which were changed/deleted on a remote. As send-only folders do never accept changes from remotes, there is nothing to be versioned.

Apart from that, your setup sounds good - hard to say anything more useful without knowing your use case. However in general if it works for you, that’s nice :wink:

Hi, Simon thank you for advice. So in Theory i can disable the file versioning on Rhodan, The File Server. my first goal to this setup is to preserve the files from Rhodan, creating 3 copies of its 2 TB files on the other computers. (PSD, docx, jpg and xlsx), 30 or more users accessing a “public” folder. the others computers; 2 of them is on same network. (but the users has no access to these computers) and the 3rd computer is on a remote place kilometers away from Rhodan.

Thank you

I use Syncthing in a similar way to this. I have remote machines that are receive only and send only machines in my house. Family photos, financial data, that kind of thing. If my house burns down, I’ve only got to worry about getting us out and not our memories. There’s also HDDs in bank vaults which are rsync’d from these machines. If 3 houses (as well as mine) and the banks burn down (which are all more than 15 miles from each other), at least I can say I took reasonable precautions. Probably the end of the world, so more important things to worry about. :smiley:

I think this strategy is quite common amongst the data paranoid.

Did I mention all file systems are ZFS? :wink:


I wonder if these systems prevent against ransomware attacks? If a send only filserver (Rhodan) is hit with ransomware would it not send the ransomware to the backup devices and then their entire filesystem would become locked down with the ransomware including the versioned files?

Am I missing something, or is this a realistic concern?

Syncthing does not prevent ransomware in the general usage scenario.

This is counter-intuitive to me, so I was glad to learn this bit of information. I would have thought that versions on the send-side would be saved on the receive-side, up to the limit.

The do, if the receive side has versioning enabled. Versioning is never forced on you from the other side.

It makes such good sense when you explain it. :slight_smile:

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