New Setup with existing data on both sides

Hello everyone, I’m wondering if there is a general guide for setup when existing data are already in the 2 sides, or maybe someone can suggest something.

A: Truenas Jail, mount point = the primary side data in /mnt/mirrorpool/data (send only) about 1,8TB now.

B: Synology. receive only. about 1,76TB now, last sync done with goodsync.

I had the watch filesystem error on both devices, i have disable this option. The 2 sides wasn’t able to sync, i found in an old post to let the folders complete the first scan, and then execute the share. I did, after 8 hours make the share, after 12 hours the status was syncing 0% with speed 0,12kb/s. I have check device id’s to be correct and also folder id’s to be the same. Even if i didn’t saw any permissions involved in the procedure, i will search what permissions needed on both systems to be sure.

Concluding, i didn’t manage to achieve this sync and i’m thinking maybe to switch base operating system, maybe a debian or ubuntu ? will it be better ?

any comments appreciated.

Normally, the data would just get merged between the two folders. However, if you set one side as “Send Only”, then obviously it will not accept any changes from the other side. Is the data in your case the same in the two folders? If yes, then Syncthing should just scan the files, exchange indexes, and then mark the folders as “Up to Date” if everything matches.

Is the connection between the two devices all right? Can they see each other and actually exchange data?

This is a different problem, usually related to a specific file system or using network storage or similar.

Could you post screenshots from the two sides to show exactly what the situation looks like currently?

Hello Mr. Tomasz,

Primary - send only - syncthing in trunas jail. completed the scan and updated. It’s just the moment of screenshot went to scan again.

Secondary - receive only - syncthing on synology using community pkg. (Still scanning)

I hit the revert local changes also. Does this seems correct ? The 2 destinations are about 98% same, since last sync took place.

The screenshots still show the two folders “scanning”. I assume that the “Syncing (0%)” state persists even once they have finished scanning, right?

What I would do in this situation would be to first make a temporary copy of a small portion of the data (e.g. a few hundred MBs), and then do testing with that first. This way scanning and syncing will be much faster, and also there will be no risk of damaging the actual data.

Also, how about trying to share just a small temporary folder from one side to the other first (without any existing data) and seeing if that syncs properly? There may be underlying permissions-related issues or such, which will be easier to be discovered this way.


Jut a note, but scanning and synchronising 1,76TB of data may take a while. What I mean is that 12 hours may not be enough :sweat_smile:, especially if the hardware in question is weak. Make sure that everything has really finished scanning and syncing on both sides first before trying drastic solutions like reverting changes and such.

Hello Mr. Tomas it seems that we have some progress after 14 hours according the dashboard. I don’t mind the slow speed , i’m more worried about the revert local changes which i did accept.

Syncing 0% , scanning always, speed is B/s… i will test with smaller data (same setup but choose a smaller subfolder) and see from there.

Primary - truenas setup in jail

Secondary - synology

That’s less an “accept” action, but I “yes, do that now, I am sure!” kind of action - thus in red and with a confirmation dialog. You should only press it when you know what it does and want that. And do wait for it to settle (both sides finished scanning and syncing, or not making progress) before doing anything.