New release timing

I’m changing the release frequency downwards one notch in the new year. The new release cadence is stable release on the first Tuesday of the month, RC on the second Tuesday of the month. That is,

  • Today, Tuesday Jan 9: 0.14.43.
  • Next week, Tuesday Jan 16: 0.14.44-rc.1. The following weeks, possibly further RCs.
  • Next month, Tuesday Feb 6: 0.14.44.
  • The week after, Tuesday Feb 13: 0.14.45-rc.1.
  • And so on.

Your friendly release manager,


I’m going to postpone the release of v0.14.44 a day or two. As planned, it should go out on Feb 6, but there is a Go security release planned for Feb 7 that I don’t know what it contains. It might affect us. If it does it’s better to release after updating the build servers… If it doesn’t, no real harm done.


new go is there

dev announcement here!topic/golang-announce/X7N1mvntnoU

Yeah. No effect on us (or any compiled code really), Syncthing release coming tomorrow.